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Ronald Miller is one of the biggest nerd at Tucson High. Like every other male at school, the girl of his dreams is cheerleader Cindy Mancini. When Cindy wears her mother's suede outfit to a party and ruins it, she is desperate to replace it. However, she can't afford it. This is where Ronald steps in: he'll give Cindy the money to replace the outfit as long as Cindy agrees to be his friend at school and make him popular. The cliques go crazy when Ronald and Cindy arrive together at school, and soon Cindy finds herself attracted to Ronald, along with her two man-crazy best friends, Barbara and Patty.

Patrick Dempsey ..... Ronald Miller
Amanda Peterson ..... Cindy Mancini
Courtney Gains ..... Kenneth Wurman
Tina Caspary ..... Barbara
Seth Green ..... Chuckie Miller
Darcy DeMoss ..... Patty
Devin Devasquez ..... Iris
Cort McCown ..... Quint
Eric Bruskotter ..... Big John
Gerardo Mejia ..... Ricky
Ami Dolenz ..... Fran
Director: Steve Rash
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Teen
Rating: PG-13
Release Date: August 14, 1987